About Us

Moonstar world 




Moonstar is one of the popular skin and hair care brands because of its herbal natural products. Today Moonstar is concluded in the top herbal hair and personal care organizations. This company ruled over 7 countries for the past 100 years. All the ingredients they are used in the product are completely safe and secure.


About us


Moonstar world was established in 1917 and provides several products related to skin, hair, etc. As we all know that they used natural products which are obtained from medical plants and natural Herbs, so improving your skin and hair also helps in preventing and curing the diseases.


The process of making products starts with the examination of raw material and ends at the last stage which is the packaging. They have also constituted research and development; they search for the quality of the product from time to time.


All over the world, they have more than 5 offices, with more than 220 employees, and the product the Moonstar has a large fan following because it reached more than two billion clients in approx 8 countries. And also all over the world, we have more than 1 million stores.


Moonstar has a huge collection of facial kits, face masks, Hair Removal Creams, Herbal Henna, scrubs, etc with different variants.


Moonstar provides their customer with 100% surety in quality, the fastest shipping all over the world, etc.




Moonstar has satisfied a lot of people with its amazing product. They have an experienced team and beauty experts who work amazingly with them. They give their best to provide good quality products. 


Moonstar is the best personal care product brand, by using these products, people feel very satisfied, because they make their trust for more than a hundred years.