Privacy Policy

Moonstar privacy policy


Moonstar is a multinational brand, So being a multinational brand they have to collect several personal information from the users but the most impressive thing is that does not leak any user's personal information. The Moonstar has completed more than 100 years now we do not hear any complaints regarding the spreading of personal information.


IZUK IMPEX privacy policy


 On the Moonstar platform, they collect several personal information which is necessary to fill for everyone. Because with the help of this information it becomes easy for the Moonstar team to connect with the people directly.


What personal information does Moonstar collect?


They collect the basic identity like the first and last name of the user, email address, gender date of birth, occupation, phone number, address, and some other basic information.


why Moonstar collects user's personal information


1. Easy to interact with the user while delivering.


2. As soon as you enter your personal information then our website allows them to respond to reviews, and comments, give feedback, rating, etc.


3. And because of their feedback, rating Monster comes to know about the user's intention.


How does the moon star protect your personal information?


Because of their privacy policy, they protect your information like-


1. Moon star adopted several security methods to keep users' information safe.


2. It includes that all the information is protected by a password.


3. And also they give the information regulated to the secure server.




Moonstar's privacy policy is very secure because Moonstar has the intention to interact easily with the user not to spread the personal user's information.