Terms and Conditions

Moonstar terms and policy


Moonstar provides the best beauty product; Moonstar proves to the people their purity for more than 100 years. Moonstar provides some terms and conditions for the benefit of the people. And it is mandatory to follow all terms and conditions.


Terms and conditions


It is good for all to read these terms and conditions before registering on this website. And to use the site you have to accept all their term and condition which is given-


  1. To reach from any part of the side it shall be deemed that you have accepted all their term and condition which they are described.


  1. They have the option to change or alternate terms and conditions without giving any notice.


  1. You are not allowed to restore, reproduce or distribute the content which is present on this website by using star robot and some different techniques.


  1. You can save the image on your Hard disk.


  1. Those rights and remedies which they are given under their terms and condition only are available, and if you do anything wrong them can suspend, or restricted you to use this website at any time and without giving any notice.


Apart from it, they provide several privacy policies for the Welfare of their users and also there are several other terms and conditions which secure the right of the moon star website.




 Moonstar is an amazing website and it contains healthy and safe products. And with their terms and conditions, it is clear how much they are concerned about their products and their customers.