Cancellation process

Moonstar cancellation process




Moonstar is one of the secrets of your beauty because the using these products you look very energetic and beautiful. Moon star products have a mesmerizing smell that makes the product attractive and also they make good quality products.


About the Moonstar cancellation process 


The purchaser has the option to cancel the order, and also remember one thing once your order is shipped then you can't cancel your order, and if you cancel your order before shipping then your whole amount will be refunded. 


There is a situation in which you have the chance to cancel your order after shipping


If your order is shipped but till now it is not delivered. so, in this case, you can also cancel the order but for this, you have to suffer the shipping charges. So, they refund your amount after reducing the shipping charge.

But once your order is delivered so you do not have any chance to cancel the order. 


As soon as you request them for the cancellation of the order. So, they will take 1-2 days to return your money. And if you order more than one item together then you have the option to cancel all products or some products.


Money will have come back to your bank account, credit card, debit card, or somewhere you want.




You can easily cancel your order by sending them a request about cancellation, and for cancellation, you do not have to follow hard procedures.