Shipping policy

Moonstar order and shipping

If you are online shopping addicted then the Moonstar is best for you. Because with the help of the moon star you can easily purchase your product online. But some people have afraid of online shopping but with the Moonstar, you do not need to worry about it.


How to order the product from Moonstar-

It is a very easy way to order your product-

1. Go to the official website of moon star and sign up for the app.

2. After that search for your desired items. Then tap on the buy now option.

3. Will your essential information and after this choose your payment mode.

4. Then they send a confirmation message on your registered phone number.

5. And they show the expecting date for delivery.

6. By following the steps you can easily understand how to order online products from Moonstar.


Order tracking system- 

The purchaser has the option to track their ordered item. 

1. As soon as your order is dispatched you get an email that has the AWB number, with the help of this number you can easily track your item.

2. On the moon star website goes to 'my order' and there you can see the status of your order.


Shipping way

Moonstar shipping methods are

1. They have a cash and carry option.

2. Provide door-to-door shipping service.

3. As we all know that the Moonstar is concluded in the worldwide range to also have an International parcel delivery option.



Although the Moonstar team is very punctual about their delivery, it is very easy to order your item from Moonstar.